Autobiographers Beware

I’ve been returning to one of my favorite authors.  Scott Peck’s books (The Road Less Traveled; People of the Lie; A World Waiting to Be Born) were very important to me as I moved through middle age.  The constant themes – know thyself better – were powerful coiuntermeasures to my tendencies to become too self satisfied.  It is good to review these themes.

Browsing through In Search of Stones this weekend, I read; ” It is not just that the autobiographer is too close to his subject, I suspect, but also that he is prone to suffer from the delusion that he understands his subject: himself.  One would think a psychiatrist, above all, could understand himself.  Not so.  The longer I stayed in practice the more I gradually became aware that I was largely operating in the dark not only in relation to my patients but also in relation to myself.”

Challenging guidance for the celebrityautobiographers.  And good guidance for the rest of us who tell our stories to others whom we presume have something to gain from our experiences.


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