Confirmation Bias

Searching around for quotes about confirmation bias (to confirm my bias);

“Human cognition is a captive of confirmation bias: We seek out and believe information that reinforces what people like us already believe. Confronted by evidence that contradicts what we think, we double down; confronted by chance, we confect necessity. Instead of changing our minds, we tell ourselves stories and cling fast to our tribal identities. A universe that’s run by luck is terrifying, but a good narrative imposes causality on randomness, finds patterns in chaos and purpose in lives. Our hunger for knowledge isn’t as strong as our yearning to belong, to defeat fear and loneliness with affiliation and family. We may call the baskets into which we sort facts ‘true’ and ‘false’, but at bottom they’re euphemisms for ‘us’ and ‘other’.  (Marty Kaplan)

“But one phenomenon this police killing has illustrated plainly and dramatically is the power of self-interested reasoning — the kind of flawed, ideological thinking that shows through when people need to protect their preexisting beliefs and irrational biases.” (Leon Neyfakh)

Peace and Courage,


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