Election 2010

I for one am relieved to be past such “a historic” [sic] election. Perhaps our readers are looking for something in the blog. I am going to resist the temptation to get caught in content (whether I am happy about the direction of the country, etc.) and stick to what no news coverage provided last night – comment on the process.

It seems to me a good focus for this morning it Friedman’s “5 Aspects of Chronic Anxiety.” He lists them (p.24) as follows:

  1. Reactivity
  2. Herding
  3. Blaming
  4. Quick Fix Mentality
  5. Lack of Leadership

They sound particularly relevant to me this morning. Systemically, a group eventually regresses to the point where it is incapable of selecting capable leadership.

I trust you will sort out for yourself what you think about the current state of our country. How can you sort out the content when the process is broken?

Peace and Courage,


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