Emerging Leaders Word Cloud

College and university scholars created a word cloud during reintroductions in a round group meeting. The scholars were gathered with their benefactor organization during winter break.  The scholarship sponsor wisely gathers the group together several times a year to take temperatures and offer wisdom and inspiration.

During reintroductions, students were asked to offer a word and thirty seconds speaking about their reasons for the choice.

I was struck that most words might more likely fit into one of three buckets: “Past”, “Present”, “Future”.

Naturally, college students focus on words in the NOW.  Their daily engagement is intensely present. In our time together, we stretched into more future thinking. Specifically, how they might begin working on life long mission statements.

I sensed the making of emerging leadership in this exercise, where self-definition and non-anxious presence might evolve.  There is hope.

Peace and Courage, Howard

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