Historical Perspective

History produces examples of leadership demonstrating understanding of the value of the outside position on the emotional triangle.

Scott Berg’s biography of Woodrow Wilson captures Wilson’s approach to armistice negotiations while many allies were calling for destructive punishments:

“The people had done evil, but it was done under wrong leadership. He felt that ‘to keep cool’ was the first essential to the making of ‘a peace of justice,’ that whipping himself into ‘a passion of rage’ would render him unfit for the present task. Germany must be punished, he asserted, ‘but in justice, not in frenzy.'”

I find that reading historical biographies balances of the current irrational immature leader/models which now surround us.  Since the founding of our country, highly reactive and emotionally immature individuals have always been working to impair citizens’ capacity for thoughtful, calm and intelligent behavior.

Peace and Courage, Howard


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  1. Right on, Howard! The trio of biographies on Teddy Roosevelt, reading the middle one first, has similar “thoughtful, calm and intelligent” leadership behavior. Being a good listener with or without a hidden agenda seems to make more visionary sense in the long run. Truman is another one.

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