Insight Quotes: What Happens to our Brains


Even if we can’t make it change, we might as well learn something.

“Stress reactivity shuts down open mindedness.  When you are open minded, open-hearted,  you are able to understand there are multiple perspectives in any situation.  When that capacity is not grown or emphasized, you think you way is the only way, and anything that looks threatening toy your belief system you try to shut down.”

Darcia Narvaez

“When threats to our well-being are detected, our bodies undergo incredibly rapid changes that affect how fast our heart beats,  how much oxygen we intake as our breathing rhythms shift, how focused we are on the immediate risk at the expense of tuning out the broader environment.”

Sasha Abramsky

“Normally, when we have a sense of risk, we have a combination of stakes and odds  – how likely would it be and how bad would it be if it did  happen.  But if you’re already anxious, the odds completely drop out of the calculus, and people respond only the stakes.”

Sally Winston

“We rely on what people tell us to interpret events that we are not directly involved in, or personally impact by. The media has a huge influence on how we think about risks that have not personally impacted us yet.”

Sonia Bishop

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