“One in Ten”

A senior executive in a household-word known international corporation told me the he spends a lot of time working with those who aren’t up to performance speed yet.  I asked what he thinks the rate of return is for his efforts.

 “One in five?”, I asked.

He thought a moment, then smiled.  “Maybe one in ten”.

Experience tells us that whatever an organization’s individual hiring success rate happens to be, it is not good enough.  When “non-regretted” turnover occurs – a relief generating resignation or termination – chances are good the causes began to develop far upstream. They began in the interviewing process.

Mature leaders understand their hiring processes are flawed and result in costly lower performance and regretted turnover.  They are curious about this and look for ways to improve.

When interviewers approach the hiring process with an emotionally mature and non-anxious presence, the outcome is more likely to be based on rational and clear understandings of who and what an applicant really is and a highly accurate indication of a new employee’s probable contribution and performance.  The resultant decision – to offer or not – to hire or not – will be more successful.

Peace and Courage,


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