More proof that media work hard to create anxiety and fear where none is necessary;

When you run the numbers, the headline should read:  AMERICANS HAVE A ONE IN 8.3 MILLION CHANCE OF BEING ATTACKED BY A SHARK!

I have long suggested to groups I facilitate, audiences to whom I speak and in private conversations, that we’re being fed a constant diet of fear. Media now say to us; “You don’t have enough to fear. We’ll give you more”.  It is feeding an addiction.  And it’s making us afraid of each other and ourselves.

Making us afraid of stuff that isn’t important contributes to chronic anxiety.  Friedman writes; “Whether we are cosidering a toothache…a relational bind…” (I will add “shark attack statistics”) …”most individuals and most systems….will ‘naturally’ choose to revert to chronic conditions of bearable pain rather than face the temporarily more intense anguish of acute conditions that are the gateway to becoming free”.

In other words, fear feeding which is now our cultural norm, restricts and constrains our ability and capacity to deal with our own emotional immaturity in ways – painful to be sure – which make us more alive.


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