Step Up Transformers

The chronically anxious have an uncanny way of finding their way into the center of controversy and muddying the waters whenever they can. Because they are lacking in basic maturity, they are incapable of self-regulating. Like a cancer, they invade organizations and spread their disease throughout. They find their ways into school boards, government, pulpits, boardrooms and the media. They are “step up” transformers, skilled at making mountains out of every mole hill.  They don’t wear black hats. They look like you and me.  How is one to identify these individuals ahead of time so they can be dealt with decisively without wasting a lot of time or energy?

 You won’t be able to identify these people by their appearances. They don’t wear name tags. You won’t be able to identify them by their values or beliefs. Their values may appear exactly the same as your own. You won’t recognize them by their selfish and evil nature. They may look generous and compassionate. You won’t be able to tell by their religious or political affiliations or their professions. Short of being psychic, there is one and only one way to identify these individuals. You have to see how they function. 


  • Practice victimhood
  • Depend on heroes
  • Are humorless
  • Thrive on conspiracy and secrecy
  • Communicate indirectly
  • Think literally
  • Are untouched by reason or love

Step up transformers change the rooms they enter by successfully managing their anxieties and projecting a rational presence.

Peace and Courage,



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